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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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commissioner antonini: move to approve. commissioner sugaya: is it possible to amend this thing? i would like to have further consideration given to the design. >> in the previous motion from 2007, there is a design condition that requires project sponsor to work with staff regarding a number of design issues. it requires the project come before the commission when the changes do occur. commissioner moore: i just met with the director and staff here today. commissioner wu was present. we discussed potentially broadening the discussion about new buildings, which will be happening in this general area. there are quite a few others.
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there was a lot of good reception by the department to consider that. it is not setting new standards. it is basically broadening the discussions of what we were expecting of the performance of these buildings together. the emphasis being "together." we have looked at these in the past as individual buildings, but never about an emerging context which would give a new general feeling of height next to the city center. that requires each building, on its own, whether it is coming back to us for entitlement, to answer some of this. the department is open to undertake this, especially looking at other new buildings that are happening. i would suggest that this building would be considered, based on those new emerging principles. commissioner antonini: i think,
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as staff has pointed out, any of the changes that would be made in any of the design would be coming back to us for approval before -- this is only an extension today. but i do agree that we have to look at the context of buildings from the entire area, rather than individually, although i think it architect, in my opinion, does a good job of picking up the context of market and hayes, with the areas done in that vernacular, and the flatiron portion being glass. i think it is an interesting combination. i am certainly always interested in seeing any changes that might occur as the project moves forward. vice president wu: as commissioner moore mentioned, i was in the meeting. it is important to look at
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buildings are a neighborhood. when we have individual projects in front of us, do you refer to other projects that have been entitled? we had some of that conversation last week because of the aia hearing. looking at ways to incorporate that into our discussion here, so it is not just up and down on one project. >> the motion on the floor is for approval of the extension. on that motion -- commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. vice president wu: aye. president fong: aye. >> thank you. the motion passed unanimously. now before you is item three, case 2002 -- i mean 2,012.0348c, 175 junipero serra boulevard.
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>> this is a request for a conditional use authorization to establish a child care facility for more than 15 children, doing business as of the kids academy, providing less than 24 hour care. -- as the alpha kids academy, providing less than 24-hour care. it would occupy approximately 2700 square feet, and will have access to an outdoor play area on the subject property. the proposed facility would operate monday through friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., seven children from ages 2.5 to 6, with a staff of six.
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there would be 25 to 40 children, with a maximum of 60 children throughout the day. the children would arrive between -- would arrive around 7:30. there is early pick up from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. the operator will be required to obtain a state-issued license, and adhere to general licensing requirements of the state of california. to date, the department has received a letter of support from the church of christ scientist executive board, and a letter of opposition with 15 signatures from neighboring residents, who are concerned the project will result in increased on-street parking demands, automobile traffic, and noise. to address on street parking and traffic concerns, the project sponsor does intend to apply for
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a passenger loading zone in front of the entrance to the facility. the facility also does have three existing off street parking spaces available. the department recommends approval of the project with conditions, for the following reasons. the product meets all applicable requirements of the planning code, and is consistent with the general plan. the proposed child care facility will occupies -- will occupy existing and underused facilities, and provide a vital service to residents, as well as new employment opportunities for neighbors. i also have copies of the letters received from the ninth church of christ executive board, neighbors with concerns about the project, and the
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project sponsor, which are received after the packages went out to the commissioners. this concludes my presentation. i am available for questions. president fong: project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i would just like to give you a little introduction about our school. i would like to thank you for the opportunity to represent our organization. our preschools have been successfully operating for four years in san francisco. we of grown -- have grown to
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have two more centers in san francisco. we provide a caring environment. there are full-time and part- time programs for children -- for children. we operate monday through friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we have employees that are dedicated and committed to preparing children for the future. we are fully licensed by the state of california. our curriculum is become a nation of several foundations, following department of education curriculum requirements. children are given opportunities to learn about themselves to play, music, and interactions with each other, while focusing on emotional and social development, language, literacy, mathematics, and performing arts. we are active in the san francisco community and have been working with the children's
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council of san francisco from the start. we offer single parent discounts and city worker discounts. we participate in local food and donation drives, and local community events, and other mini fund-raisers. the preschool centers also work closely with san francisco state university. we also had the pleasure of providing firsthand experience in the field of early childhood development for numerous educators, able to provide full- time employment after completion of the child development degree. in 2012, we have applied for a nonprofit status. as a result, there was a goal of providing educational services for children in our local
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community who are in need of quality early childhood education programs, financial help, and other educational programs. we are excited about the opening in september of 2012, and a beautiful facility with a christian science church. this is an amazing opportunity for us to give effect to the community and continue our mission. by working together, we can create a meaningful community that will benefit our organization. we appreciate your support in making this come true. president fong: we may have questions. thank you. public comment on these items? i do have some speaker cards. catherine, janet, stephanie.
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whenever you are ready. >> good afternoon, commissioners. first, i would like to read the letter as a parent. we are parents of 4.5-year-old voice/girl twins who are too young to enter kindergarten this year. as we prepare them, we have been entered into a program that offers a program more academically than commonly found in a carriage with preschool programs. we're excited to hear about the kids academy, as we are both working parents. the proximity to our home is of great value to our family. we appreciate the respect with
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regard to the church building and community, and the neighboring school and residents. please consider the need of all san francisco families to have options and access, for the lifetime corporation and success of their families. additionally, i would like to read a letter from parents of the sister's school, in support of the of the kids academy. we love the convenience of having a school close to home. we can walk to the school, and it makes us feel safe. it is hard to find schools that offer full care. it makes it easier having a school that is close to home. since our children have been enrolled, they have become a creative, talkative bunch. they have grown both socially and emotional. we agree with a statement in
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which each student is given an environment which allows for self discovery and exploration. this is what we believe has helped our children grow into the social butterflies the have become. in support of of the kids academy, the school would provide services to families in the neighborhood. it would allow children to attend a school in which they feel safe and loved. every child can be given the opportunity to be creative and unique. we have 23 signatures. thank you for your time. >> my name is janet. i am speaking on behalf of two parents that bring their children to kangaroo preschool. i am a parent and teacher at kangaroo preschool. this letter is to communicate my strong support for the proposed
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alpha kids academy. i have a two year-old daughter and have a hard time finding a school that would meet my needs. this would be an ideal fit for us. previously sent our elder daughter to school in the sunset, and we were very pleased with the care and education provided. we believe the teachers contributed to my daughter in joining her early school life so much, and anxious to have our daughter at the new location as soon as possible. i also have a letter from another parent who has been bringing her children there for a few years. i am writing this letter on behalf of the development center. i am a mother of four girls, including a five year-old.
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my children have been attending the organization since the opening in 2009. they are a great asset to this community. that are warm and caring, and offer education that is hard to come by during this tough economy. if it was not for their affordable and exceptional education, my daughters might not attend preschool. there are very few quality preschools offered near the potential sites. i live in this neighborhood. having four children, it would be a great convenience for me, if i have to transfer my daughters to this location, which is much closer to my home. there are many families that live here, and that could definitely benefit from a caring, nurturing school such as of the kids. at a time when there are so many families fleeing our city to
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pursue better educational opportunities, i believe it is our best interest to allow out the kids academy to proceed in opening their new location, so the can offer their quality affordable program to the families of san francisco, and how to keep them living there. thank you very much. president fong: thank you. >> my name is stephanie huff. i am the current director of the snowy valley -- noe valley kangaroo site. it is important to open new centers, especially with a lack of jobs in the education field. this is another opportunity for people to find employment. i also have a letter from another parent of our sun set location. to whom it may concern, this letter is in support of alpha
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kids academy. we feel safe and secure in the neighborhood, and it would make us feel at ease. we feel other children in the neighborhood would benefit. our eldest son attends the preschool every morning. i love the fact that he enjoys going to school. his vocabulary has doubled since he first started. he knows his abcs. at home, we speak chinese, and we love that the school offers mandarin and spanish in the afternoons. our child started as a to-year- old who was not potty trained, and kangaroo has helped us by setting up a chart. we all this knowledge in self discovery to the quality of education. we do not believe we could have found a better school. thank you. president fong: additional speakers -- joseph, roger,
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margaret finley, john mitchell, and andrew. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am an officer of the ninth church of christ scientist. our members of spoken in favor of going ahead and approving the school. i would like to say, in addition, we are looking to fund approval for this, but we want to work equally with our neighbors, our neighborhood association, and the preschool directors. they are offering a wonderful service to the community.
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we want to be sure the traffic conditions will not be affecting our neighbors adversely. there is an elementary school literally across the street. i have been reassured that they will be working with a traffic guard when school is open, to direct traffic and minimize the impact on the neighborhood. we also want to make sure we are within the requirements of our neighborhood association regulations. the association has been around at least since the 1920's, as has our church. we are the single largest property owner, and we want to stay good neighbors. the only concern i have discovered is that there is a
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regulation about running businesses in the community. it is a residential community. they speak about industry or staples or serious business. i feel the child care aspect is more homelike been business -- than a business. they are looking for a nonprofit status, in keeping with our nonprofit status. it is all within the mission. i hope we can work with the neighborhood community association to find some way to move this forward without delaying well beyond sept. the opening of the school that meets their needs, as well as the needs of the community for this preschool. thank you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the vice president of balboa terrace homes association. we are an age away -- an hoa. the church is within the boundaries, as he mentioned, and is a member of the association, subject to its restrictions. there is a restriction running with the land that forbids trade, business, or manufacturers of any kind. i would ask the commission to continue this matter for final determination for 15 days, so that our association can obtain a legal opinion as to whether or not the preschool inside the church would violate our deed restrictions, and whether it is otherwise exempit is my understm talking with our attorney, that
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there is some exemption from the restrictions for family day care centers with fewer than 15 students. but since this would have 20 too 40 students, and even up to 60 students, that is an entirely different matter. the association position is we would really like 15 days to consider this, so we can determine what position we are growing to take, especially in light of the traffic concerns and the neighborhood concerns. right now, it is a very busy intersection. thank you for your time. president fong: next speaker, whoever is ready. >> i am margaret finley, a retired teacher and administrator. there is no question about the fine program presented today.
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i am speaking on behalf of our residents. i have lived there 43 years. my husband is now deceased. most of our neighbors have spoken with the gentleman who created the letter you received in your e-mail, with a draft so that neighbors could give their input and their concerns. we come to you today asking for your help. the most important reason is we focus on the heavy traffic that has come down our street, which is at this point to way. when you have parked cars on either side of the street, you are lucky to get an ambulance or fire truck down that street. that is why our neighborhood went to a two-hour parking. it is for safety reasons. our main concern is the high concentration of children in this area. our neighbors, the christian
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science church, have been wonderful neighbors. i can speak for 43 years. it has nothing to do with that. it has to do with the high concentration of students in this vicinity. you got a picture of sinophile way. people coming in on darien, a one-way street going east, turn left and but up against cars going south, because we run north and south. another boulevard runs north and south, but it runs as a one-way street going north. it is a real concern to us, for safety reasons, with the high concentration of students all year long. on the chart you have received, you will see what we could glean
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in the last four or five days, knowing that the school is closed at this point. i could not speak with the principal, but i did speak with a parent whose children go there. she said approximately 270 to 320 children are on that campus during the week. we have st. francis episcopal, e ymca children from 7:00 to 8:40. i think that is the bell to say stop talking, is it not? but we ask that you consider our concerns. we do want to be good neighbors, but we are worried. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is john mitchell. i am a member of ninth church.
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i am a parent of a 7-year-old child. i know what it is like, finding a preschool for little ones in this city. it is very difficult, particularly in our neighborhood. i live across ocean, within 200 yards of this facility. i am chairman of the building and grounds committee. we have wonderful relations with the balboa terrace association, and we want to maintain that. they are our friends, and we are part of the community. my feeling is there is no material change that will take place. as was mentioned previously, the real problem is parking, as someone who is there literally seven days a week. a lot of the problem which we are having is people that are parking and leave their cars to jump on muni and go into the
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city. the teachers at the elementary school, people that go to our church, etc., have a very great difficulty, because cars are parked there all day, because there are no parking restrictions. i think it is important to review that, in terms of the two-hour parking. we support the community. one of the reasons -- we have been approached several times by these organizations. they run very good operations. they are attentive to children and the community. i would consider your positive view on this, as we support the community and young families. thank you. president fong: is there any
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additional public comment? >> good afternoon. i appeared for another item this afternoon, but happen to be the landlord for one of the kangaroo preschool locations. speaking on their behalf, i just wanted to say that before they opened at the building i own, we also had a neighbor who expressed concerns about traffic. that location is kitty corner to st. philip's elementary school, which houses approximately the same number of students, 275 to 300 students, as the location they are looking to open. there is a lot of traffic. the school has crossing guards on the corner at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. the preschool has not had any negative effect on traffic, as far as i have known. none of the neighbors have
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complained. in fact, the person who expressed concern has admitted to me that his concerns were not warranted, and the drop-off and pick-up at the preschool has not been a problem. i was not here to speak on this today, but since i am the landlord for one of those locations, i wanted to express the personal experience i have had. i also want to say they are good tenants. they have improved the property at their own expense. they have maintained it. any concerns that have been expressed about anything, they have addressed and been very responsive. i did want to speak to that as well. thank you. president fong: any additional public comment? >> there is one coming up here.